Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's In Your Cup?

Who doesn't want FREE tea? ::: Starting Friday, January 13 we are playing ::: What's in your cup?"

Here's how you play: (1) Upload a picture to our wall & tell us what's in your cup (2) Get your friends and fellow Praise Tea Lovers to "Like" your photo for a chance to WIN what's in your cup! Don’t have our blend in your cup? Well, well will send you a blend. Most "Likes" WIN! It's that easy!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Black Tea - And Loving It!

Is there a difference between the kinds of teas we see in today’s market? Yes. Each variety of tea has its own characteristics and qualities. The Indian tea plant is used almost exclusively to make black tea. Black tea demands its own following.

Black teas are fully oxidized (the tea leaves are bruised to give them more exposure to air), making for assertive flavors and aromas. Darjeeling is a black tea that comes from the Chinese tea plant but grown in India. The character of Darjeeling tea (also Indian) depends on when the leaves are picked: The first flush in early spring produces light, fragrant teas; the second pluck, in the summer, is more robust; fall’s harvest tends to be mild. Likewise Ceylon tea comes from the Chinese tea plant, but grown in Sri Lanka, formerly called Ceylon. Sri Lanka’s black Ceylon teas have a crisp citrus aroma and mellow fruit flavor. India’s Assam region produces full-bodied, malty black teas. Chinese black teas are generally less astringent than South Asian ones, and include peppery teas such as Yunnan Gold and floral varieties like Keemun.

The benefits of black tea, while it shares some properties with its white and green friends, have a much higher caffeine content than green, white, or oolong teas due to how it’s processed. Therefore making it a favorite for breakfast and a renowned metabolism booster for dieters.

Other benefits of black tea are:
The Energy Boost - high caffeine content
Heart Health - black tea drinking has been known to improve arterial health
Cancer Inhibitor - the antioxidants in black tea (and other similar tea varieties) protect the body from a range of ailments
Better bones and skin - other elements in black tea protect the skin and build stronger bone
It’s good to try several types of black tea to decide which you like best. So Happy Sipping!