Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bring More Tea Into Your Life...

If you like tea, appreciate tea, or just want to have more tea in your life, then becoming a member of our Tea Ritual Program (tea of the month club) is a wonderful way to do this.

It is the perfect way to get to know a whole variety of teas. Each month, as a member, we will send you a number of teas. This way you become familiar with a variety of teas, some you would never have thought to buy yourself. It’s like a great tea surprise package that comes to your door every month.

Not only can you enjoy the teas yourself, but you will discover the wonderful world of tea. Oftentimes, you will discover a certain tea becoming a favorite. In fact it’s a good idea to always take notes about the teas you drink. This way you will be able to find that certain tea for a special occasion.

Want others to join in on your journey? Have a once a month tea party. This is a great way to invite friends to enjoy different sorts of teas. Make it extra special by preparing small tea sandwiches or small pieces of cake to go with the teas. They will have a great time and thank you for it. It’s a lot of fun to share your different teas with others and find out who prefers which variety.

You can also make gifts of teas to your friends and family and once you have converted them to avid tea drinkers, you can even give them a Praise Tea gift certificate to use towards their very own tea ritual. Happy Sipping!

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