Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 New Tea Blends

At Praise Tea Co, we strive to truly be purveyors of premium loose leaf tea. In order to continuously provide fresh, high-quality teas and blends each year, we must retire or improve some teas. We will be adding several new Organic and Fair Trade tea blends and discontinuing old ones. While you may have a favorite may be discontinued, we have similar teas and new blends teas to both please and challenge your palette. Once the new 2011 teas are announced (by the end of January), we will update you to their availabilty on the website.

A sneak preview of some the flavors:

Divine - white tea with lychee and peach notes

Bolivian Green, Organic - organic green is light, delicately grassy, gentle & airy

Harmony, O, FT - Green tea with pear

Formosa Oolong - oolong from Taiwan's northwestern Hakka area

Milky Oolong - unique tea from Nantou, with hints of cinnamon and sugar

Se Chung Oolong, Organic - oolong with a nutty profile

Oolong Royal - oolong, aronia berries, mango and rose petals

Darjeeling Autumn, O, FT - Grown high in the foothills of the Himalayas on the famous Bio-dynamic Makaibari estate

China Pu-Erh, Organic

China Keemun, Organic

Assam Black Tea, Organic

Mary's Heart, Organic - black tea, apple, mango

Mango, Orangic - black tea, mango...a new blend

Lemon, Organic - black tea, lemon.. a new blend

Raspberdy, Orgnic - black tea, raspberry... a new blend

Cranberry, Orgnaic - black tea, cranberry... a new blend

Pure Rose, Organic - pu-reh tea and rose petals

Masala Chai, Organic - black tea, chai spices..a new blend

Gojiberry Pom - black tea, gojiberry and pomegrante

White Pearl - white/green tea, jasmine, apricot, rose

Roobios Tropics - rooibos, mango, strawberry

Mango n Friends - herbal blend of mango, pineapple and papaya

Peach Rave - herbal blend of Peaches, hibiscus, apple bits, elderberries, and sunflower petals

Summer Passion - herbal blend of apple, pineapple, papaya, bamboo, lemon

Lemon Twist, Organic - mate, lemon myrtle, mixed spice, new blend

Roasted Yerba Mate, Organic - roasted yerba mate, new blend

Yerba Mate, Organic - traditional mate, new blend

Envy, Organic - yerba mate, apple, apricot

Chocolate Mate - mate, rooibos, cocoa bits, cinnamon, etc

Pink Sonoma - wine infused white tea, rose petals, jasmine, cabernet

Assam Jungle - wine infused black tea, licorice root, cinnamon, cabernet

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